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Get to the basic

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

I am now in Shenzhen conducting a SPIN class. Somehow, I feel like I get back in touch with the basic - the reason why I do training. What happened is that a learner came up to me after the class, and said sincerely, 'I like the analogy you made. It makes a lot of sense. It helps me understand the subject a lot. Thanks!' I felt good about it! This is the reason why I do training! I want to help people understand things more easily!

I have received a lot of feedback in class. Frankly, I know that most came out of courtesy. They tried to act nice. I have became more and more cautious about the feedback. I kept reminding myself not to think myself too highly because of this kind of feedback. For a while, I have been a bit lost - "how could I know whether I am doing well or not? Do people care?"

Well, the feedback I received today was different. From what I know him, he really meant it. And the feedback was specific and timely. His facial expression and gesture told as well. I am glad to hear it.

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