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Half-way Feedback

Updated: Mar 23, 2022


It is not a new idea. It is more whether one really does it or not. The KNOWING-DOING gap.

On day 3 morning of a 4-day workshop in Shanghai, I asked the learners to do a ‘plus-delta’ figure. Put ‘plus’ on a post-it and ‘delta’ on another one. They then put on a flipchart so that it was transparent to all. More importantly, it is not just feedback on the facilitators but also on the learners themselves. Specifically, it is also about how we had behaved regarding the ‘participation agreement’ we sat up on day 1.

It serves various purposes effectively. It gathered feedback to improve the workshop. It demonstrated the facilitators’ sincerity. But above all, it gives the responsibility back to the learners to keep up to the ‘participation agreement’.

See also a previous post on getting feedback.

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