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IAF 2012 Shenzhen

Updated: Mar 23, 2022


It is embarrassing to write about my experience back in August. Anyway, got to do some catch-up work. I attended the IAF Asia conference in August. I gained more than I originally expected. Above all, I met someone who is a very unique. His work really stretches my horizon on what a practitioner can and will do. He is astonishingly widely-read. It is hard to define his field - 'Organizational Development', 'Futurist', 'Facilitation', ''Learning and Development'?

Joey is very different from other practitioners I know in many other ways. He is so 'non-mainstreamed' especially in comparison to those in where we are commonly from i.e. HK. He has not worked in international companies and yet his view is one of the most international and in the frontier among whom I know. His practices include works by Chris Argyris, Roger Schwarz, Ken Wilber, Peter Senge, etc. (Shame on me - I have not even heard about some of these big names though I am in the field of 'Development') Joey would pay by himself to attend those expensive Harvard executive programs. And he has strong belief on how practical about what he teaches or advocates to the daily life level. (Sadly speaking, this is not very common among practitioners I know.) See some of his thoughts on his blogs – (Note that the blogs are in Chinese)

Simply his presence and practice challenges my thoughts a lot. And I am grateful for this challenge. Knowing his practice and talking to him posted me a lot of questions on myself and pointed me directions to knowledge.

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