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Lucky Me

Updated: Mar 24, 2022


This post is a bit dated. But I still want to post it here since it is rather significant to me. The photos were taken in Gazipur, Bangladesh – the outskirt of Dhaka. I conducted a team development workshop there for 2 days. The event is significant to me in a number of ways:

The workshop went very well. The sponsor and the participants were apparently satisfied and more importantly their relationship seemed to start changing. In the final 1-word check-out, one participant said ‘change’. He further elaborated that he now saw people differently. In addition, we arrived with very concrete Requests and Offers between leader and the team, with specific person and date for follow-up.

It was the last workshop with my previous employer. It nicely marked the end. I am particularly happy that I end it with a piece of ‘real’ work. As I mentioned before here, I believe more and more that learning happens much more effectively when we get the learners do real stuff.

Most importantly, I felt very grateful during the event. I was absorbed with what I did there. I felt like time just passed by so quickly. I was in the flow. People say everyone is borne for reasons. If that is the case, I really feel like I am borne to facilitate group work. Not that I am very good at it. Just that I like to do it so much.

I guess I am lucky.

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