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Made it Stick

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I like the ‘contemporary wisdom’ in this book. Unlike those old-fashion literature, this book is easy to read with simple sentences and lots of real life relevant examples!!   I am particularly amazed by the examples it given.   Right when you need one after reading a concept, you will get one.   And most examples are to-the-point and of real-life.

This is definitely a learning point for us as a trainer / facilitator / presenter who needs to communicate effectively.

Of course, other than how the book is written, got to talk about its content.   In short, the book argues that there are 6 principles in making an idea stick:

  1. Simple

  2. Unexpected

  3. Concrete

  4. Credible

  5. Emotional

  6. Stories

I agree.   It definitely applies directly in presentation.   I however will need some more time to think before I properly relate to training skills.   For example, I want to think through how these 6 factors can apply when we face with technical training with huge amount of dry knowledge.   I actually plan to read the book twice.   I will share with you more thoughts at that time.   But in short, a great book.   I believe as the readers of this blog, you will like it.   BTW, do go to its website as well.

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