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Prepare the test first

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Another interesting point raised by William Rothwell is that all training intervention should have a post-course test.  And we should develop the test before the course content  On the contrary, I understand that most will first design the course content after understanding the course objectives (which Dr Rothwell calls Instructional Objectives with a strict definition on).  We may or may not have a post-course test.  And if there is one, we do it by reviewing the content.  We select the key pieces of knowledge with which we want to check the learners’ understanding.  We then put them in the test.

Dr Rothwell’s points out quite an insight to me:

  1. It makes a lot of sense to have a post-course test in order to check the training effectiveness.  It helps engage our stakeholders (or simply the one who pays for the course)   I am not sure whether test can be appliable to all kinds of course e.g. presentation skills.  But for the very least, we should always consider putting such a test.

  2. It also makes sense to have an end (post-course test) first before developing the mean (course content). It is more objective-focus.  What to achieve (Objective) > How to measure the result vs the desired achievement (Test) > How to get there (Content)

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