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Questions from the TTT learners

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

I ran a TTT class in Shenzhen recently. There were a few questions from the learners which I promised to respond after the class. Perhaps I can share here as well:

1. What other resources I can use to learn more about Facilitation?

Here are some thoughts using the 70-20-10 framework:

· On the Job Learning [70]

o Set a learning goal for yourself before every class you run. Be specific. It could be a particular tool or process you want to try. Or a specific descriptor on the Facilitation Standard.

o Reflect on it yourself after the class re the goal. Ask yourself ‘What went well?’ and ‘What can be done differently?’

o Keep a journal. I do it in my blog.

o Get someone to give your feedback re the goal. Preferably fellow facilitators. If not, seek help from 1 or 2 learners. Do not just rely on L1 feedback form.

o Treat Facilitation Standard observation as a learning opportunity

· Learning from the Others [20]

o Observe the others. Again, ask yourself ‘What went well?’ and ‘What can be done differently?’

o Teach the others. Share your learning. A lot believe that the best way to learn is to teach.

o Form a learning circle with 2-3 fellow facilitators. Spend 15 minutes in the morning to discuss on 1 question brought by one of you. If you travel together with other facilitators, seek and offer feedback on the road

· Formal Learning [10]

o Read the books / website I recommend

2. How to better manage time in running classes?

· Set a few (not a lot) mine-stones. Have a clear idea what you need to accomplish when ½ of the class time is gone.

· If the class is PPT-driven (hopefully not), be clear which slide you should be on when ½ of the class time is gone.

· Be clear of the class objective.

· Get a learner to remind you on time (provided that you build good rapport with them)

· Put the clock or watch on some visible spot

3. Where can I find resources for music and picture?

· For picture:

· For music

o Any music without lyrics will do

4. How to make an impressive (but short) closing to the learners?

· To me, closing should achieve the following:

o Get them feel good or end at high note

o Reinforce learning transfer

· As reference, one way is achieve the above is to get them first write down their KISS actions, finish the evaluation and then stand up to share 1 action to the others (an open commitment). And then, say thank you and play the ‘You are the best’ song. Note that never do the evaluation as the last process in the class!

· There are many other ways to end e.g. working out a mindmap together, use a quote, etc.

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