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RAC - Make them move

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

  • Course: A presentation skill class

  • Date: 17-18 Sep 08

  • Location: Beijing

  • # of Learners: 8

  • I am feeling: Good

  • Course: An influencing skill class

  • Date: 19 Sep 08

  • Location: Beijing

  • # of Learners: 20

  • I am feeling: Good

I went to Beijing right after Taiwan. I did 2 internal classes there.

There was an occasion which I wanted to run an energizer needing empty space more than I had. I needed to move all the tables and chairs. In the past, I would give it up since it would be too much a hassle to do so. I do not like the chaos when the furniture is re-arranged. But somehow, this time, I thought it would not hurt to ask the learners to move the furniture. After all, physical exercise is an energizer!!

It worked. The learners liked it.

It is always argued that we should involve the learners in the process. I think this experience is a good example. On the other hand, this experience made me realized that I was too rigid before. I was rigid about the timing, the discipline, the room set-up… sometimes, I shall let it flow.

After all, I remember that a master trainer once said ‘Training is messy.’

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