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  • David

RAC – Attendance

  1. Course: A facilitation skills course for line trainers

  2. Date: 29 Mar 08

  3. Location: Shanghai, China

  4. # of Learners: 5

  5. I am feeling: OK

9 were enrolled into the class but only 5 showed up. Poor attendance – A common phenomenon across most of our courses.  It is really disturbing to the trainer.  Let me share with you a funny response to my reminder email before the class:

“…Thank you for your email.  Unfortunately I may not be able to attend tomorrow’s training as I will be on leave for tomorrow.  Thank you very much!….”

I was speechless when I received this email….

Not only that people do not show up, but also that some class got canceled in the first place.  So far, the only exception is the presentation class, which we need to open additional class!

Why would we have such an attendance issue?  Worth thinking..   Well, there could be many reasons.   But I believe the main reason for the attendance issue is that people lack ownership to learning opportunity…… Got to make people “Take Charge of Your Learning!”

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