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RAC – Example, Example, Example…

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Another presentation class I ran in Shanghai. Always love this class. The class size is small enough for me to give significant attention to each one. And because of the topic nature, I can see the training effect more easily than other topics e.g. some participants would demonstrate their learning in Day 2. It is fun.

As in other presentation classes, I always suggest learners to give a lot of examples. It is almost true to say that it will never be too many examples. And I do the same in the presentation class. I gave a lot of examples in how to do this and that tip or technique. And here an interesting example I gave – one participant presented a rather complicated idea called Optimization. There are 6 steps. I cannot remember all exactly but it somehow includes with ‘Setting Objective’, ‘Define Offer’, ‘Estimate Response’, ‘Track Progress’, ‘Refine Offer’, ‘Continuous Improvement’.

He explained it rather academically. In other words, no real live example. Whilst I was listening to his presentation, I was thinking that he needs to include some example. But how should I make this point? I demonstrated it. After the fellow experienced a presentation without example, I gave them one with example. I used ‘relationship’ as an example. I first arouse audience’s interest by asking them to raise hand for those who have not married. I said then getting your ideal girlfriend or boyfriend is like ‘Optimization’ …. somehow. I said, “For example, I would have my optimization plan as follows:

  • Objective Setting – My objective is to have a Shanghaiese girlfriend before I reach 30

  • Define Offer – I got to speak Shanghaiese

  • Estimate Response – Should be OK to get to know some within 3 months

  • Track Progress – I will review it every month (in fact every minutes if it is about relationship)

  • Refine Offer – After a few month, I probably have to change my offer. I got to have a mortgage-free apartment

  • Continuous Improvement – I got to do the above regularly

  • Course: A presentation class

  • Date: 26-27 Nov 2007

  • Location: Overcast days in Shanghai, China

  • # of Participants: 8

  • I am feeling: Good




  • 设定目标:我的目标是在30岁前找个上海姑娘做女朋友。

  • 确定办法:我需要懂讲上海话。

  • 估计反应:能在三个月内结识一些上海姑娘。

  • 跟踪进展:我每个月都回顾。

  • 改进方法:几个月后,我可能需要改变我的方法。此时,我可能需要一套没有按揭贷款的房子。

  • 持续改善:我需要不断重复以上步骤。


  • 课程:演讲课

  • 日期:2007年11月26日到27日

  • 地点:中国上海

  • 参加人数:8

  • 我的感觉:良好

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