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RAC – Hope it help

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Taking advantage of the offsite meeting this weekend, I gathered all the trainers right before the offsite meeting.  It was not easy to gather all since we all travel very frequently.   Another trainer and I facilitated the session.  Here is the RAC details:

  1. Venue: A Sunny morning in Shanghai

  2. Course type: A Facilitation Discussion Session

  3. Duration: 3 hours

  4. No. of participants:11

  5. I am feeling: Happy and Energized

I facilitated to discuss the 22 sins outlined by Bob Pike in our organisation’s own environment.  Other than understanding what the sins mean, we discussed how to avoid them.  The another facilitator of the session then facilitated a discussion on course closing, and another ran a closing.  I hope that the session was useful to all.

I am more and more interested in TTT (‘Train-The-Trainer) these days.  It is challenging as I have to demonstrate what I deliver.   It is more challenging than presentation class since the participants are…… trainers.   They are often good at presentation skills which is an essential element in being a good trainer.

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