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  • David

RAC – Life Affecting Life

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

  • Date: 18-19 Nov 2007

  • Location: A rainy weekend in Shanghai, China

  • # of Participants:10

  • I am feeling: Tired but Meaningful

I started being in training from last Tue onward for 2 weeks. It even included a weekend. Such workload makes me feeling tired physically these days. Yet, I do enjoy the class this weekend. It is the first time I facilitated a full TTT class which can lead to certification. Asking myself why I enjoy it – I believe it is because:

  1. There are eager learners. I am lucky to have them. Most have genuine need and interest to enhance their training skills. Equipping them with more tips and technique does improve their life. This goes back to the very reason why I moved to training. Life affects life.

  2. I learn as well in the class. I pick up tips and techniques not only from the Master Trainer – Arnold but also the learners!!

  3. I am doing something I am interested in. It is simple but so true.

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