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RAC – Performance Feedback

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Here is another Right After Class (RAC) session. As said, I just record whatever I feel after the class. Not exactly for learning sharing like the other posts.

  1. Venue: Sunny days in Shanghai

  2. Course type: A Presentation Course

  3. Duration: 2 days

  4. No. of participants: 9

This is my favourite type of class – Presentation Class. Small group working together in 2 days. Lot of learning can take place. More importantly, the learning is not just for the participants, but for me as well. As a trainer, I make presentation in every class. Conducting a presentation class makes me reflect how effective I am as a trainer.

A learning for myself this time is that I shall structure my content better for elementary level of learners. As I gather more and more thoughts on the topic of presentation, I tend to deliver more and more content in class. And it seems it now become too much, especially since the 9 participants this time are rather new to the idea of presentation.

Thanks to Stan who sat in my class, and gave me the feedback. As I said in this blog, it is absolutely vital but difficult for a trainer to get feedback. Having a fellow trainer as the on-site observe who is willing to give candid feedback is a luxury.

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