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Reflection Dilemma

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

I believe in the ARL practice. Specifically, I believe that people can learn a lot by reflecting on experience. However, I often find myself hesitated to give the learners time to reflect. I mean really quality personal quiet reflection time in a workshop. Let me dig into my thought further. What was on my mind at these moments? On one hand, I think I should give them like 5 minutes to write down their insight from the experience. On the other hand, I was not sure whether they like it. They may think it unnecessarily slowed things down. After all, there were a lot to cover in a day.

What shall I do?

Perhaps I should test and check (with the learners). I should also spell out the reason for having such reflection time. And I should prepare insightful questions so that it is easier for them to reflect.

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