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Sherlock vs Dorothy

I happened to come across again these 2 movies after I wrote my last post on 'Appreciating Defense'. The main characters in the movies echo a lot to the realization I made in the post. I wrote, ‘… I will approach it more gently with respect, instead of, say, being a cold detective taking pride in finding out the murderer….’

In this version of Sherlock Holmes movie, the detective was superb in observation, deduction and forensic science. But he was rather insensitive to others’ feeling. On the other hand, in Wizard of Oz, Dorothy found her way home whilst accompanying Scarecow, Tin Man and Lion to realize their wisdom, love and courage.

Thinking them as systems-psychodynamics informed coaches, Sherlock would be wonderful in discovering the unconscious processing. But his style would likely trigger strong(er) defense from the coachee, and thus not helpful to self awareness / development. On the other hand, Dorothy is a more powerful reminder for coaches in this practice. Dorothy did not appear to be as smart as Sherlock. She was confused sometimes as well like her friends. But she went through the journey and discover the ‘hidden’ together with ‘them’.

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