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RAC – An Ineffective Class

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

  • Course: SPIN

  • Date: 11-13 June 08

  • Location: Beijing, China

  • # of Learners: 23

  • I am feeling: Puzzled

I am writing this on my flight from Beijing back to Shanghai, after I just concluded the class around 3 hours ago. It rains heavily both in Beijing and Shanghai, and thus caused serious flight delay. I hope that I could arrive home before midnight….

I do not feel right about this class. The learners were not enough in general as compared my previous SPIN class. I can see people doing sms with their mobile phones, going in and out answering phone calls…. What’s the worst is that they performed badly during those quiz-type recap session. They did not learn as well as I expected (or as my previous classes).

I am not sure why this is the case. Some possible reasons coming to my mind:

Language - With a few learners coming from overseas, I conducted the class in English. I think having the whole class in English posted communication barrier for some learners. It did seem to me that the learners have significantly varying English capability….. Looking forward, putting right learners in the right class (or of right language) is important.

Contagious Behavior - Because of some special personal issues, one learner often arrived late and left early in the class. This behavior was contagious - a few started to observe less rigorously on our ground rule. If I could do it again, I will announce openly that the special behavior is because of some special personal issues. I want to isolate it. Otherwise, it sends them a message that it is OK to violate the ground rule.

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